Canary Center at Stanford Resource Facilities

Additive Manufacturing Prototyping Facility (AMPF)

The Additive Manufacturing and Printing Facility (AMPF) at Stanford aims to establish leadership in the future of manufacturing by providing a space for faculty, students, and entrepreneurs to turn their ideas into market-ready products.  This advanced 3D printing facility will enable digital design, prototyping, and small-scale production as an integrated innovation hub and shared use facility that will be a key pillar for innovation and commercialization for investigators spanning the Stanford campus and Silicon Valley.

Cell / Molecular Biology (CMB) Resource Facility

The Cell and Molecular Biology Shared Resource Facility (CMB Resource) at the Canary Center facilitates the development of tools for early diagnosis of cancers. The CMB Resource is well equipped for developing molecular imaging probes. Specifically, this resource develops and characterizes antibody and ligand-based probes for targeted molecular imaging thus aiding faculty, scientists and students at the Center who focus on developing highly sensitive multifunctional optical, PET and MRI probes for imaging cancers by targeting cancer-specific cellular targets.

Center for STEMM Mentorship

The mission of the Stanford Center for STEMM Mentorship is to cultivate the well-being, scientific growth, and personal and professional development of members of STEMM research teams—students, postdocs, staff, and faculty, all together—by advancing whole person-centric, team-oriented mentorship rooted in principles that drive successful academic, industrial, entrepreneurial, and athletic teams.

Preclinical Imaging Core Facility

Edwin Chang
Director, Preclinical Imaging Core Facility
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The mission of the preclinical imaging facility is to develop infrastructure, expertise and tools to support customized in vivo imaging as well as image and data analysis for direct use by the basic, clinical and translational researchers located at Porter Drive and/or nearby Stanford Labs. As a shared resource facility within the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection, the core also supports Canary Center Members, Associate Members, and Canary Foundation Science Teams

Proteomics Resource Facility

For more information regarding the Proteomics Resource Facility, Please contact Abel Bermudez 

The Proteomics Shared Resource Facility (Proteomics Resource) associated with the Canary Center is a shared resource that supports Canary Center Members, Associate Members, and Canary Foundation Science Teams. The facility supports the mission of the Center to foster research leading to the development of blood tests and molecular imaging approaches to detect and localize early cancers.