2017 Canary Center Summer Interns

Standing Back Row (L to R): N Kumar, V Tandon, S Tran, M Buckup, C Lei, S Zarkesh, R Sehgal, O Hamade, N Dale, C Baab, Stephanie van de Ven (Deputy Director, Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection), J Chen, A Gorla, T Ko, S Wu, M Zhu, S Balaraman, A Codik, R Tao.

Sitting Front Row (L to R): J Song, A Hembree, M Bhethanabotla, B Eryilmaz


2017 Verily Young Scientist Award Winners

Mark Buckup

Poster Title: "Elucidating the Role of Legumain in Prostate Cancer"

Mentor: Dr. Meghan Rice, PhD (Stoyanova Lab)

Alex Codik

Poster title: "Lab-on-a-fiber technology: An aptamer-based optical biosensor for real-time neurochemical measurements"

Mentor: Dr. Amani A. Hariri (Soh Lab)

Mark Zhu

Poster title: "NIR-II Imaging of Cerebral Disease using a Small Moelcule Dye"

Mentor: Chen Si, Hao Chen, Dr. Zhen Cheng, PhD


2017 Interns

Mark Zhu (Summer Intern), Alex Codik (Summer Intern), Stephanie van de Ven (Deputy Director) and Mark Buckup (Summer Intern).

Ruikang Tao (Summer Intern)

Alex Codik (Summer Intern)

Jia-Shu (Joseph) Chen (Summer Intern)

Mark Buckup (Summer Intern)

Mythili Bhethanabotla (Summer Intern)

Amy Hembree (Summer Intern)

Srinidhi Balaraman (Summer Intern) & Sherry Wu (Summer Intern)

Varun Tandon (Summer Intern), Clare Lei (Summer Intern), Cameron Baab (Summer Intern) & Richa Sehgal (Summer Intern)

Nathan J Dale (Summer Intern)

Timothy Ko (Summer Intern)

Omar Hamade (Summer Intern)

Mark Zhu (Summer Intern)

Aditya Gorla (Summer Intern)

Karen Eliahu (Summer Intern) & Sindhuja Ramakrishnan (Mentor)

Shaya Zarkesh (Summer Intern)

Asude Sahan (Summer Intern)

Jonathan Song (Summer Intern)

Sarah Tran (Summer Intern)

Nita Kumar (Summer Intern)

Beliz Eryilmaz (Summer Intern)