Canary Center & PHIND at Stanford Industry Affiliate Program

Become a PHIND & Canary Center at Stanford Industry Affiliate member and join the scientific community of world-class Stanford researchers innovating in the Precision Health space. Companies are encouraged to develop long-term multi-year relationships. Our work spans the following main healthcare research topics: wearable/implantable technologies, data analytics and computational tools including clinical decision making, (molecular) imaging strategies, cancer models, and biomarkers to measure the transition from health to disease. The PHIND center studies the transition from health to disease in broad terms, whereas the Canary Center has a specific focus on the detection of cancer at its earliest, most curable stage. Both centers capitalize on the substantial synergies between both of their highly related initiatives. Companies have the opportunity to actively participate in in ground breaking science and technology development through working with faculty and students in specific areas of interest. All research results arising from the use of affiliate membership fees will be shared with the PHIND and Canary Center communities and the general public.


*Can upgrade tier at anytime.

*Visiting Scholars: Short-term residencies in accordance with Stanford's Visiting Scholar policies.

Stanford Policies

From Research Policy Handbook:

Stanford University Policies Affecting Industrial Affiliates Program Memberships. Stanford University's policies guide the teaching and research mission of the university, including all activities conducted with the support of Industrial Affiliate programs. The following are some of the important considerations for Industrial Affiliate programs at Stanford.

  • Stanford University does not permit secrecy in research, i.e., all interested persons will have access to the underlying data, the processes and the results of research conducted at Stanford;
  • Teaching and research at Stanford are guided by its faculty who select research topics, adopt research methodology, and select participants;
  • Stanford has established procedures for visitors who wish to collaborate on research conducted at Stanford. If member companies choose to send representatives to Stanford for this purpose, those policies and procedures will be applicable, in addition to any particular fees or other arrangements required by the Affiliate program;
  • Stanford's intellectual property policies are applied consistently to all research conducted at Stanford. No license or other intellectual property rights will be granted as a result of membership in the program. Unless required otherwise, individuals at Stanford are free to place their inventions in the public domain.
  • Unlike sponsored projects, Affiliate membership does not convey specific project deliverables, nor are membership fees subject to Stanford University's negotiated indirect cost rates. Affiliate membership fees are for the unrestricted use of the program being supported. Stanford University will use a portion of all membership fees for university infrastructure.


For additional information, please contact: Dr. Ryan Spitler, Deputy Director, at