Canary Center SMASH Rising Program

To create greater diversity in science, the Canary Center at Stanford has started a new collaboration with SMASH, the signature STEM education initiative of the Kapor Center’s Education focus area.

The SMASH Rising Program at the Canary Center is a 7-week research internship program for students from underrepresented communities entering their first or second year of college. Students work on a scientific research project under mentorship of a professor and various researchers at the Canary Center. They also participate in professional development activities to gain essential workplace skills and build their network.

With this initiative, we aim to empower brilliant underrepresented students by exposing them to cutting-edge cancer research and technology development, training them in hypothesis testing and experimental design, building their problem-solving and critical thinking skills, and giving them access to resources and social capital that allow them to pave a successful career path in the sciences.


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