Canary Center at Stanford Associate Members

James Brooks, MD
Keith and Jan Hurlbut Professor
Department of Urology

Howard Y. Chang, MD, PhD
Virginia and D.K. Ludwig Professor of Cancer Genomics and of Genetics
Department of Dermatology

Joseph M. DeSimone, PhD
Sanjiv Sam Gambhir Professor of Translational Medicine
Department of Radiology and Chemical Engineering and, by courtesy, of Chemistry, of Materials Science and Engineering, and of Operations, Information and Technology at the Graduate School of Business

Wendy J. Fantl, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Medicine, Urology and by courtesy Ob/Gyn

Dean Walton Felsher, MD, PhD
Department of Medicine, Oncology and of Pathology

James M Ford, MD
Department of Medicine, Oncology and of Genetics and, by courtesy, of Pediatrics

James Harris, PhD
James & Ellenor Chesebrough
Professor of Engineering
Department of Engineering

Haruka Itakura, MD, MS, PhD
Assistant Professor
Department of Oncology

Daniel H. Kim, PhD
Assistant Professor -Biomolecular Engineering
University of California Santa Cruz

Allison W. Kurian, MD, MSc
Associate Professor
Department of Oncology and of Health Research and Policy

Jan Liphardt, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Bioengineering

Jafi Lipson, MD
Clinical Associate Professor
Department of Radiology


Ann Leung, MD
Department of Radiology

Ingrid Oakley-Girvan, PhD, MPH, BS
Research Scientist II, CPIC
Consulting Assistant Professor, Health Research & Policy

Olav Solgaard, PhD
Department of Electrical Engineering

Geoffrey Sonn, MD
Assistant Professor
Department of Urology

Jaiswal Siddhartha, MD, PhD
Assitant Professor
Department of Pathology

Marcia L. Stefanick, Ph.D
Professor of Medicine
Stanford Prevention Research Center, (SPRC) and Professor of Obstetrics and Gynecology

Shan Wang, PhD
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Professor (By courtesy) - Department of Radiology

Robert West, MD, PhD
Department of Pathology

Joy Wu, MD, PhD
Associate Professor
Department of Endocrinology

Jiangbin Ye, PhD
Assistant Professor
Stanford Medicine Radiation Oncology