Sample Preparation Systems

Agilent 1290 Infinity Series UHPLC with Variable Wavelength Detector

The Agilent 1290 Infinity LC is an UHPLC (Ultra-High Performance Liquid Chromatograph). The 1290 LC is designed to provide highest speed, resolution and sensitivity. The infinite power range that combines ultra high pressure up to 1200 bar and high flow rates up to 5 mL/min for maximum chromatographic performance, compatibility, and flexibility allows enables the user to deploy any particle type, any column dimensions, or any mobile and stationary phases. Innovative technology components offer excellent performance for both UHPLC and HPLC applications. Lab Advisor software with intuitive diagnostic and monitor capabilities and alert functions notifies users of problems. The Agilent OpenLAB Chromatography Data System (CDS) workstation and the Agilent 1260 Infinity Variable Wavelength Detector (VWD) enable the 1290 LC to operate as stand-alone analytical UHPLC. The VWD is highly sensitive for HPLC and RRLC analyses. It uses time-programmable wavelength switching so the user can optimize the detection sensitivity and selectivity for specific applications. The latest electronics and refined optics have lowered detector noise levels to below 2.5 μAU, and the lowest baseline drift (< 1 x 10-4 AU/h) means users can precisely quantify trace level compounds in samples. The 1290 Infinity Autosampler provides fast sample injection with highest precision and lowest carryover for pressures up to 1200 bars. Only the injected volume is required from the sample and no valuable sample is wasted for flushing. Different types of sample containers including individual vials, 96-well plates, and 384-well plates enable unattended processing of up to 768 samples.

Agilent 1260 Infinity Series Bio-Inert UHPLC with Multiple Wavelength Detector

The Agilent 1260 Infinity Bio-inert Quaternary LC system is a dedicated solution for abundant protein depletion and intact protein fractionation by affinity, reverse phase, and ion exchange chromatography. The use of metal-free components in the sample flow-path and the absence of iron and steel in solvent delivery ensure the bio-molecule integrity, minimize unwanted surface interactions and increase column lifetime. This system is ideal when working with slats and under harsh solvent or pH conditions. The power ranges from lowest pressure for traditional bio-purification columns up to high-pressure analytical columns. The system is controlled from the Agilent OpenLAB Chromatography Data System (CDS) workstation that also controls the Agilent 1260 Infinity Multiple Wavelength Detector (MWD). The MWD provides fast, 8-channel multi-wavelength analysis at an 80 Hz data acquisition rate. Both an autosampler and large volume manual injector are available as well as a fraction collector.

Agilent AssayMAP Bravo Liquid Handler

The AssayMAP Bravo Platform is a state-of-the-art Bravo liquid handler enhanced with a Bravo AM Head containing precision flow syringes. Liquid flow is precisely controlled to accommodate quantitative binding and elution in a single pass. The syringes are designed for use specifically with AssayMAP Sample Preparation cartridges which incorporate a 5 μL packed bed of resin supported by membranes molded into the polypropylene cartridge, enabling bidirectional flow and true high throughput chromatography. Recoveries approach 100% with reproducibility similar to HPLC (< 5% CV). A simple user interface allows assay developers to easily set key assay parameters without an automation engineer for error-free, push-button routine operation. With a broad range of chemistries and laboratory-tested protocols that can be flexibly combined, the AssayMAP technology simplifies the most challenging sample preparation workflows. Sample preparation cartridges are available for

  1. antibody purification,
  2. N-glycan sample preparation, and
  3. reverse phase peptide desalting

Labconco CentriVap Concentrator

The Labconco CentriVap Concentrator uses a combination of centrifugal force, vacuum and heat to speed evaporation of multiple small samples. As many as 148 samples may be processed at once. Sample sizes range from a few microliters up to 25 milliliters. The CentriVap is a component of a system that includes the CentriVap refrigerated cold trap and an acid-resistant vacuum pump. The cold trap helps protect the accessory vacuum pump from the corrosive effects of vapors and fumes as they evaporate from the samples.

Labconco Triad Cascade Freeze Dry System

The Labconco Triad Cascade benchtop freeze dry system enables lyophilization either by tray drying with stoppering or conventional sample freeze drying with four sample valves on the left side. Samples for both types of freeze drying can be run at once. The chamber pre-freezes samples to save money and time, eliminating the need for a separate freezer and product transfer. User-friendly controls enable you to start runs quickly and the microprocessor controls up to five different ramping and holding segments to meet different temperature protocols. The hot gas defrost allows for easy cleanup of up to 1.8 liters of water or 2.5 liters of ice. The built-in pneumatic stoppering mechanism can handle glassware from 31mm to 148mm on its 12.4"w x 14.5"d shelf. Two 1/3 hp refrigeration systems cool the collector to -85° C (-121° F) to process low eutectic point samples including ones containing acetonitrile.

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