Chemistry Core Resource Facility

The Chemistry Shared Resource Facility (Chemistry Resource) at the Canary Center provides analytical and synthetic chemistry support to the Center’s scientists. The Chemistry Resource provides equipment and instrumentation to facilitate the synthesis, analysis and characterization of both small and large biologically significant molecules. Chemists working in the Chemistry Resource employ diverse chemical expertise and advanced technologies to design and develop novel molecular agents for both in vivo and in vitro early detection of cancer. The molecular agents that are being developed encompass imaging agents such as optical, photoacoustic and multimodality probes, as well as agents intended for non-imaging strategies such as blood biomarker sensors. Close interaction between the Chemistry Resource and other Shared Resources at the Center not only facilitates validation and optimization of the developed probes, but also promotes an interdisciplinary approach to early cancer detection. This is crucial for in-depth understanding of the disease, as well as for successful clinical translation of the most promising molecular agents.

Agilent 400MHz NMR

CS Bio Peptide Synthesizer

Malvern Zetasizer Nano

Horiba FluoroMax4

Cary 60 Psectrophotometer

Dionex HPLC system

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