Canary Center at Stanford Members

Advising Members

William Kenneth Pratt, PhD
President - Pixel Soft, Inc. 

Research Interests: Dr. Pratt has expertise in digital image processing and image and video coding as well as image sensing and display. He believes that this expertise should prove useful in reviewing Canary Center project grant proposals, which involve image sensing, processing and display. His most recent publication is his textbook "Introduction to Digital Image Processing" to be published by CRC Press in Fall 2013.

RIchard Koo, PhD

Research Interests: Dr. Koo is interested in applying state of the art computing techniques to advance the state of art in cancer detection: particularly in the application of data mining and other big data tools. He is also interested in leveraging the cloud to help bio-medical researchers and clinicians to collaborate quicker and deeper, to break down organizational walls and data dis-organization.

Ananth Srinivasan, PhD
Consulting Professor - Department of Radiology
Voice: (650) 725-7062
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