Preclinical Imaging Core Facility

Stanford Center for Innovation in In vivo Imaging at Porter (Sci3@Porter) is a service center Imaging facility formed to provide resources for the application and advancement of technologies for in-vivo biological assessment and imaging in animal models. Its mission is to develop an infrastructure, strategies, expertise and tools to perform multimodality in vivo imaging primarily for preclinical research. As a shared resource facility within the Canary Center at Stanford for Cancer Early Detection, the core also supports Canary Center Members, Associate Members, and Canary Foundation Science Teams.

The facility provides centralized shared instrumentation for in vivo imaging and software for data analysis. It has a capacity for housing and imaging large number of animals. The staff provides training on the usage of instrument and software so user will be able to use the instruments independently. New users will be supported as needed from initial experiment planning to their first imaging experiment and analysis. In collaboration with the investigators, the facility staff also supports ongoing and new research studies through developing new specific imaging protocol or validating, recalibrating and enhancing exiting methods applicable for the specific study.   

Access to the imaging facility is restricted to the authorized users only. Contact Dr. Frezghi Habte for more information about how to obtain access to the facility and get hands on training or other services. As a service center the imaging facility will collect fees from users based on the Stanford shared resource model. Faculty who are interested in joining the facility should contact Frezghi Habte for more information. 

Frezghi Habte, PhD
Director, Preclinical Imaging Core Facility

Phone: 650-721-2129

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