Cell / Molecular Biology Core Facility

The Molecular and Cell Biology Core at the Center facilitates the development of tools for early diagnosis of cancers. The Core is well equipped for developing molecular imaging probes, specifically, the Core develops and characterizes antibody and ligand-based probes for targeted molecular imaging thus aiding the faculty, scientists and students at the Center who focus on developing highly sensitive multifunctional optical, PET and MRI probes for imaging cancers by targeting cancer-specific cellular targets.

The Core houses a variety of instruments needed for performing highly advanced molecular biology experiments.  Among the instruments used by the Core are, for example: a highly sensitive fluorescent microscope with a time-lapsed imaging functionality, a real-time PCR machine, a microplate reader with fluorescence and bioluminescence capabilities, a fluorescent cell sorter, an IVIS-Lumina –high sensitive cooled charge coupled device camera for imaging bioluminescence and fluorescence of different wavelengths, an automated peptide synthesizer.  The Core is also equipped with a fully functional tissue culture facility licensed for viral work.

The Core’s goal mimics the goal of the Center in that it aims to promote the development and advancement of methods for early cancer detection.  The Molecular and Cell Biology core works closely with members of the other Cores to forward the Center’s research efforts.

IVIS-Lumino-high sensitive cooled charge coupled device camera for imaging bioluminescence and fluorescence intact cells and non-invasive imaging in live animals.

Automated peptide synthesis allows rapid validation of new probes engineered to bind cancer targets with high affinity and specificity.

The state of the art BD FACS Aria II cell sorter which enables high-throughput screening of large biomolecular libraries and selection of high affinity binders from yeast and mammalian cells

Real time PCR-system for the rapid quantitation of gene expression and microRNA from cells and tissues.

State of the art-cell culture facility.

High sensitive fluorescent microscope with weather controlled FRET and time lapsed imaging facility.

UV-Geldoc system with chemiluminescence imaging facility.

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